Peach State Mountaineers:

We would like to announce to you the opportunity for you to buy tickets to the 2020 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic game on Saturday, September 5, 2020 in reserved seats in a group with the WVU Peach State chapter.
The tickets will be purchased as a group through the WVU ticket office. The seats will be in the Upper Level Sideline – Sections 337-342 @ $85 per ticket.
In order to assure your order is processed, we require payment at the time of your order. Payment may be made to WVU Alumni Peach State chapter via. check, Pay-pal, or Venmo.
We cannot guarantee that all orders will be filled but to assure the highest probability of our entire order being fulfilled our order period will start on Monday, January 13 and will conclude at 5 PM on Monday, March 1,2020.
Please do not hesitate to submit any questions to me via. e-mail or the WVU Peach facebook page.
3510 Stone Cliff Way
Woodstock,GA. 30189
Venmo= @ WVU  Peach State

One Ticket

Two Tickets

Three Tickets

Four Tickets